We brought our dresser & vanity to Lloyd to have it refinished

We brought our dresser & vanity to Lloyd to have it refinished. It had belonged to my parents and had been in our family for many years, and we had no idea how old they were. They were pretty beat up, with stains, scratches, and cigarette burns. Lloyd took a look and said he could do the work. “Do the best you can, they have sentimental value” I said.

When he called to say they were done, and we went to pick them up, we were shocked! I could not believe that they were the same pieces. The wood was brought up to a lustrous shine, & the scratches were gone! He had carefully removed and polished the brass handles like new. They looked beautiful!

The best surprise was when he removed the mirror from the vanity, he found an old Globe & Mail dated 1940. Now we had an idea of how old these precious pieces were! He was as excited about it as we were. We were more than happy with his work. He keeps you up to date with his progress of work via email, and gave us a card listing all the work he had done on each piece. Very professional, and work is done in a timely manner.

Thank you so much Lloyd, we will definitely keep you in mind for future refinishing!

Liz & Kevin