Picture of me beside refinished grandfather clock

My name is Lloyd Simpson & welcome to Lloyd’s Refinishing. This has been a hobby and a passion of mine for the past 15 years. My background is in automotive and I had my own store on Covert Street in Cobourg for 28 years with my business partner. I have just retired from Part Source after 9 years & I am looking forward to a new segment of my career in full time furniture refinishing.

Our family has always been involved in woodworking. My Dad made 6 Grandfather clocks & a quantity of fine furniture. My son James is a cabinet maker by trade and has his own shop. My other son Ben is a Web Developer and is making this website for us.

When a customer brings in a piece of furniture or heirloom to be repaired or refinished, I make sure to find out exactly what they would like. If they would like to change the shade then we can show a chart that can help with that. Then the next step is to see what type of finish they would like, satin, semigloss or high gloss. I have an insulated double garage with great lighting to do my work.

I’m located at 638 Old Gully RD RR#5 Cobourg


August 17 2011 – 43″ Northern Pike – Lake Esnagami