In today’s world getting good customer service is like a breath of fresh air!!

Lloyd is knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to deal with…

He is genuine, prompt, and friendly.

I recently had damage to my beloved dining table (from water coming through the ceiling), I searched online for businesses near by, and found him listed in the yellow pages. I read through the testimonials first, looked at photos and sent him an email. I also sent emails to a couple other sites that were appealing. Some didn’t even answer, or call…that was generally the case in dealing with different contractors these past two weeks,
so the experience with Lloyd was truly satisfying.

Lloyd came to view table within hours of contacting him.
He set up pick up on the same day that I contacted him.
He kept me aware of his progress.
He set up timely delivery.
I was very nervous to see it, but did not ask for a picture.
Note: I had also sent him home with my coffee table.

I am so pleased with both I am ecstatic! After having such a busy (and frustrating) week in dealing with different contractors, I was so in need of a good outcome for this…I am very pleased.

Good customer service and satisfaction is hard to get, when I do get it, I am over the moon.

My experience with Lloyd was second to none, his work ethic is exceptional.

I would without a doubt recommend his services to everyone.

Carolyn T