A Job Well Done Deserves Gratitude

This comes with sincere appreciation to Lloyd Simpson who, over several years has refinished three pieces of furniture to our great satisfaction.

The first piece we had Lloyd refinish was a small drop leaf table. Lloyd even went to the trouble upon refinishing the table of providing a bit of history on it which I have always kept for reference. The table graces the entranceway of our home and supplies a needed and practical purpose.

Next was a rocking chair used by yours truly when only a small child. It even had a rabbit decal whizzing by in a little car on the back of the chair. Lloyd made sure the original decal was not lost and kept the original beauty of the piece with original stain colour. Our Grandchildren are now enjoying rocking in it.

Lloyd has also refinished an old Canadiana chair which was covered by coats and coats of white paint. It had even been used as a support to cut pieces of wood. But we loved the chair and Lloyd once again gave it his attention bringing the chair back to its original beauty.

We are confident in the workmanship that Lloyd gives to his refinishing knowing that all the work he does shows his experience and enjoyment of his craft.

Many thanks,

Barbara and Terry Stanworth